Loyalty and Integrated Resourcing Leaders Combined

Loyalty expertise from 20+ years of experience running loyalty programs and teams. Experts in loyalty strategy, program design and transformation helping steer companies in building or enhancing their customer loyalty programs and drive business growth.

Leading provider of offshore talent for organisations in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada and the UK.  One of the fastest-growing offshoring companies in the world. Helping companies across a range of industries activate their capability strategies and optimise their business operations with smarter ways to solve resourcing challenges

An initiative from the collective expertise of two renowned industry pioneers: Urban Leopard Ventures – loyalty thought leaders, and ConnectOS- global leader in offshoring solutions.  We've united to create an unstoppable powerhouse for loyalty, data, and digital business resourcing. 
With Urban Leopard Ventures’ deep understanding and experience in running and advising loyalty programs, we know the resources required to run them and know the right expertise to get the job done. Couple this with the established advantages of ConnectOS being a leader in high quality integrated resource solutions, Loyalty ConnectOS sources the best-fit people for your needs.