Ramp up, reduce costs.

We partner with companies to identify roles or functions that can be more efficiently delivered by remote talent, at up to 70% lower cost than equivalent onshore resources.

Our flexible model enables you to find highly-skilled, experienced talent: managed by you, employed by us. Your offshore people are embedded in your team, aligned to your brand values and work directly for you – and we take care of the rest.


We make it simple.

Looking for a team of skilled experts? Or a more economical way to deliver a standard monthly process? We specialise in Integrated Resourcing solutions that remove inefficiencies, streamline operations and expand team capacity.

Transparency at every step

We don’t believe in “set charge fees”. You pay for the skills and experience you need and that’s all. Billing is in your currency, so it’s straightforward and easy to understand.

World-class talent pool

Loyalty ConnectOS has an extensive talent pool and a proven recruiting process, giving you access to ready-now, university-educated, experienced candidates with excellent communication skills.

Investment in people

We provide employees with a professional support structure and benefits to ensure they thrive. Our modern Manila-based work environments maintain high levels of employee engagement: happy, healthy, committed people who love what they do.

Managed services

We manage all recruitment, screening, induction, payroll, finance, HR, IT, security, legal and compliance requirements. You manage your new team member.

Hybrid-First Working Model

As your business grows, so does your need for space. Scale up or down, depending on your business requirements.

Seamless transition

We take you on the journey from interview through to job offer, onboarding, commencement and training.